Crusing Trips

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Kilmore Quay Boat Club Cruising Schedule 2018


Sunday the 4th of June.                        Ivan and Mary Sutton Perpetual Trophy

Bank Holiday Weekend.                       High Water 21:37. Low Water 15:32


Sunday the 24th of June.                      Burns-Shanahan Perpetual Trophy

                                                                       High Water 15:58.  Low Water 22:25


Sunday the 8th of July.                          Brian and Sheila Murphy Perpetual Trophy

                                                                       High Water 13:49.  Low Water 20:20


Sunday the 15th of July                        Saltee’s  Fish Food Challenge sponsored by the O’Flaherty Family coinciding with the Seafood Festival.

                                                                       High Water 20:30. Low Water 14:24


Sunday the 5th of August                    Des and Margaret Walsh Perpetual Trophy 

Bank Holiday Weekend                          High Water 24:37. Low Water 18:25


Sunday the 26th of August                  Prince of the Saltee’s Islands Perpetual Trophy

                                                                       High Water 18:57.  Low Water 24:58